Our stallion-station at present still is in the structure. An inspect, achievement-examined tobiano stallion is to refer a box for the first time here shortly and stands then during the cover season for the order.

This breeding enterprise offers immediately also kind-fair colt upbringing (conditions on request).

Also for the future we set on breed with highest performance level.

Our medium-term goal is the creation of all conditions for the acknowledgment of this enterprise as covering as well as European Union insemination station. A stallion stall with appropriate breedinghygenic mechanisms already is in planning.


In the breeding-season 2016 we are waiting for the follow foals from top stallions:

1.) Briana C x Cadeau Noir (black by Christ/De Niro/Calypso II, Bonhomme stud)

=> April 2016

Cadeau Noir (photo: Petra Kerschbaum)


2.) Caribic C x Semper (tobiano by Sandro/Sandro Song xx/Samber, Windhof stud)

=> tobiano filly "Siri C", born 13.04.2016 - offered for sale!

Semper (photy by Petra Heinz, Windhof stud - thank you!)


3.) Shakira C x Camaro (tobiano by Le Duc/Anduc x Elvis/Karabin, island-stud Föhr)

=> April 2016

Camaro (photo: Renate Christiansen)


4.) Soraya C x Viva Vulkano (by Vulkano FRH/Voltaire/Lordanos/Askari, Redefin stud)

=> Mai 2016

Soraya C (photo by Viva Vulkano will follow soon)


5.) What´s up x Viscount (black by Valentino/Now or Never/Acorado/Imperator, Celle stud)

=> Juni 2016

What´s up (photo by Viscount will follow soon)



In the breeding-season 2015 we are waiting for the follow foals:

1.) Nike x Cadeau Noir (black, by Christ/De Niro/Calypso II, Gestüt Bonhomme GmbH)

=> born 28.04.2015: Candy C (dark-brown filly)

Cadeau Noir (thanks Petra Kerschbaum for this wonderful photo)


2.) Sissy C x Ludwig´s As (red, by Ludwig v. Bayern/Landor S/Accord II, Sosath stud)

=> born 20.05.2015: Landow C (premium awarded brown-white tobiano colt, for sale)

Ludwig´s As (thanks Sosath stud for this top photo)


3.) Silvana C x Finest (black, by Fürstenball/Wie Weltmeyer/Prince Thatch xx, Gestüt WM)

=> born 27.05.2015: Fleur C C (premium awarded dark-brown-white tobiano filly)

Finest (photo: WM-stud)


4.) Mona Lisa x Samenco K (brown-white tobiano, by Samber/Pericles xx/Sans Souci, König stud)

=> born 19.06.2015: Shorty C (brown colt, for sale)

Samenco K (photo: Y. Cybulla)

5.) Shona C x Schwarzgold (Trakehner, black, by Consul/Imperio, Gestüt Hoerem)

=> born 28.06.2015: Sceltic C (premium awarded black-white tobiano colt)

Schwarzgold (thanks Hoerem stud for this wonderful photo)


In spring/summer 2014 we got the follow top foals:

Soraya C x Cadeau Noir (black, by Christ/De Niro/Calypso II) => Colany C (dark-brown tobiano colt, premium foal, Vize-champion of ZfdP 2014!)

What´s up x Cadeau Noir (black, by Christ/De Niro/Calypso II) => Cupido C (black-white tobiano colt, premium-foal!)

Cadeau Noir


In 2012 we got the follow foal:

Mona Lisa x Samenco II K (dark-brown tobiano by Samber/Pericles xx/Sans Souci) => Santa Fee C (dark-brown tobiano mare, born 08.05.2012)

Samenco K

pedigree Samenco K


In this breeding saison the follow foals in top quality were born:

1.) Iamira (father: Ico; premium mare and stallion-mother) => Cassandra C, born 08.06.2011, brown filly and
2.) Nike (father: Niferak; mother of our champion-filly 2009) => Caribic C, born 10.04.2011, brown filly
Camaro (from Le Duc/Trak.)

photo: Camaro
Pedigree Camaro

3.) Shakira C (father: Samico F; premium mare/german champion mare 2009)
Blickpunkt (from Belissimo M/Fidermark) => Briana C, born 22.04.2011, brown white tobiano filly

Blickpunkt (photos friendly from stallion station Schmidt)
Pedigree Blickpunkt



Due to the outstanding quality of our two fillies of this year one of our broodmares was inseminated again of the new generation stallion “Samaii” (see www.flaxlion-stud.com), a movement-strong Brentano II grandchildren in the type of warmblood with a best character and type transmission. Shona C was born on 26.04.2010 (look at foals/Shona C) and is a filly with very long legs and wonderful movements.

photo with friendly permission of the owner, Cherryl Mitchell/UK

Pedigree Samaii

With a further mare came momentarily in the land stud Dillenburg stationed, brown-tobiano Hessianelite stallion “Samico F” (Samber x Ico/Absatz) to the employment. Our leading broodmare "Mona Lisa" has brought me a wonderful, healthy brown filly on Easter-Monday. The name of this little one is "Suri C" (look at foals/Suri C). I´m so happy.

photos with friendly permission of the owner, Willi Franke/Germany

Pedigree Samico F

With a homozygous broodmare we decided for the grey premium stallion “Levkoi” (Deutsches Sportpferd) of Levisto Z. This approved stallion is stationed in the land stud Neustadt Dosse and shows apart from gentleman-out-rising up jumping ability a double assessment for the dressage with highest riding-quality and positive characteristics, which he passes on also at its descendants. On 29.04.2010 the worldwhide onest colored granddaughter of the "Sire of the world" Levisto Z was born. Lara C (look at foals/Lara C) is a modern, chic brown white tobiano filly with very long legs and great movements. The mother is my homozygous broodmare It´ s Nanook from Ilasso/Ico/Gotthard. Quality in color - here you can find it!

photos: Y. Cybulla

Pedigree Levkoi



With the brown-tobiano stallion „Samaii “(“Sambertino”/„Samber “x „Brentano II “, WM GestütGmbH, Reeßum) was a further, first-class multicolored stallion approved by the ZtdP in 2007.

Of this „movement artist“ on this horse breeding yard two outstanding fillies were born in April/May 2009 (see Foals/Silvana C and Sarah C).

photos with friedly permission of the owner, Cherryl Mitchel, UK

Pedigree Samaii


So far altogether 7 foals of the achievement-examined pinto-hunter stallion “Samenco II K” (owner: W. König jr., Haldensleben) were born on this yard.

All inspire by noblest full-blood-coined/shaped radiant emittance, motivity, expression, excellente jumping assessment, a well character, intelligence and unique optics.

photos: Y. Cybulla (with friendly permission of the owner, Werner König)

Pedigree Samenco K